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The Book of Terms

The Book of TermsThe WJI Book of Wire & Cable Terms: an interactive experience of learning and sharing
This book, written by industry volunteers and containing more than 5,000 entries, is an asset for newcomers to wire and cable.

At the same time, it also represents an opportunity for industry veterans to give back by either updating or adding to the more than 5,000 entries. This is an honor system process. Entries/updates must be non-commercial, and any deemed not to be so will be removed. Share your expertise as part of this legacy project to help those who will follow. Purchase a printed copy here.


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Designation for two or more rubber-insulated, stranded conductors with cotton braid over each. Reinforced with an overall covering of cotton braid over rubber filler. For pendant or portable use in damp locations, 300V-600V.


Designation for Pascal (N/m2), pressure.


Designation for Parallel Aerial Cable.


1) A bundle or number of bundles, secured into a single unit. 2) An object used for accumulating and dispensing wire and cable for further processing or end use. A few of the more popular types of packages are reels, bobbins, spools, stems and coils.


Two wires forming a single circuit, held together by twisting, binding or a common jacket. Also called a balance transmission line.


The union of two insulated single conductors through twisting.


Element, chemical symbol Pd. A major component in the production of petrochemical catalysts.

Palm Oil

A common ingredient in wet and dry drawing lubricants.


A covered pallet for uncured rubber. Also used to hold samples for testing.

Pan Cured

Method of vulcanizing. Coils of vulcanized insulated wire are coiled in pans and vulcanized under pressure with live steam.


An assembly of controls on a panel.


Designation for an air core (unfilled) direct burial telephone cable with a polyethylene inner jacket (P), corrugated aluminum shield (A) and polyethylene outer jacket (P).

Paper Insulation

Lappings of woodpulp or manila paper in tape form, frequently impregnated before or after application, are used to form part or all of the insulation on many types of wires and cables. Among other uses are power cables, telephone cables and winding wires. The paper tapes must be stored and applied under closely controlled humidity conditions, and applied with carefully designed tensions to avoid creasing and tearing of the insulation during winding.

Parallel Cable

Two or more cables used to share the current in heavily loaded power circuits that permits the use of smaller conductors.

Parallel Cable Construction

A construction in which two or more conductors are laid parallel and surrounded and separated by an insulating material.

Parallel Conductors

Two or more conductors connected at both ends to form a single current path.

Parallel Pair

A duplex construction of two insulated conductors laid parallel and then covered overall with a braid or jacket. It is often referred to as duplex cable.

Parallel Stripe

A stripe applied longitudinally on a wire or cable parallel to the axis of the conductor.


A variable or fixed characteristic that has a measurable value for evaluating and/or controlling a specific process, product, or purpose.

Partial Annealing

Partial annealing is heat-treating of copper rod with temperatures usually ranging between 279° to 307°C (535°F to 585°F). This is different from stabilizing-annealing, which is usually conducted at temperatures between 204°C to 276°C (400°F to 530°F).

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