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The Book of Terms

The Book of TermsThe WJI Book of Wire & Cable Terms: an interactive experience of learning and sharing
This book, written by industry volunteers and containing more than 5,000 entries, is an asset for newcomers to wire and cable.

At the same time, it also represents an opportunity for industry veterans to give back by either updating or adding to the more than 5,000 entries. This is an honor system process. Entries/updates must be non-commercial, and any deemed not to be so will be removed. Share your expertise as part of this legacy project to help those who will follow. Purchase a printed copy here.


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Designation for: 1) Voltage. Usually used to represent direct voltage or the effective (root-mean-square) value of an alternating voltage. 2) Enamel. 3) Elevator lighting. 4) Control cable.


See Furnace, Electric Arc.


A wavy, symmetrical projection formed around the top edge of a part made by deep drawing or spinning as a result of directional properties or anisotropy of the sheet.


The characteristic of forming “ears” when deep drawn or spun.


British terminology for zero reference ground.


Designation for Electrical Conductor (electrical grade aluminum now know as alloy 1350).


A parameter for checking deviation from concentricity in wire and tube manufacturing. In a hollowed product, it is the difference between the maximum wall thickness and minimum wall thickness at any one cross-section. The degree of eccentricity can be expressed by a plus or minus wall thickness fraction.

Eddy Current Coupling

A device for measuring eddy current to check rod quality. The coupling drive is made up of an AC motor, usually a conventional induction motor and a drum that is coupled to the AC motor shaft. The stationery magnet assembly contains the field coil. The eddy current coupling transmits torque from the input shaft to the output shaft.

Eddy Current Testing

A nondestructive testing method in which eddy-current flow (an electromagnetic field) is induced in the test object. Changes in the flow caused by variations in the object (such as surface seams, cracks, slivers or laps) are reflected into a nearby coil or coils where they are detected and measured by suitable instrumentation.

Eddy Currents

Circulating currents induced in conducting materials by varying magnetic fields. They are undesirable in power transmission because they represent loss of energy and cause heating.

Edenborn Coiler

A wire rod coiler in which a delivery pipe rotates to lay the rod into a stationary bowl.

Edge Conditioning

Passing a flattened wire shape through a set of rolls to impart a particular profile to the edge.

Edge Margin

See Margin.

Edge, Types of Flat Spring Wire

Types of edges: a No. 1 edge is a prepared edge of a specified contour that requires a very accurate width or high quality edge finish; a No. 4 Edge is an approximately round edge produced by cold work when the edge finish is unimportant; and a No. 6 Edge is an approxi­mately square edge produced by edge rolling. The No. 2 Edge designation is no longer used. Nos. 3 and 5 are produced by slitting and are particular to that industry.


Passing a flattened wire shape through a set of rolls to impart a particular profile to the edge.


An accessory used in wire flattening applications. It is generally placed between stands of a tandem rolling mill to control the edge of flattened wire.

Edgewise Curvature

The lateral departure of the edge of the rolled or slit metal from a straight line, which may be unidirectional or reversing (the latter is sometimes called “snaky”).

Edging Rolls

Rolls that are grooved to form an edge. They may have more than one set of grooves to give a choice of round or square edges. In wire flattening, they are placed between the stands of the mill to shape the edges of the strip and control the width.

Edison Base

The standard screw base used for ordinary lamps.


Abbreviation for ethylene-propylene monomer rubber.

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