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The Wire Foundation Inc.

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The Wire Foundation was founded to help educate deserving students and develop their interest in the wire industry. One way to accomplish this is through the Wire Link Traveling Scholarship program. If you or someone you know is interested in making a tax-deductible contribution or applying for a grant, please contact the Wire Foundation Secretary.  


President | John D. Drummond
Vice President | David F. Richards
Secretary & Treasurer | Steven J. Fetteroll / Sheila Kuever

Board of Directors

John D. Drummond (Chairman)
Dane G. Armendariz
Anand W. Bhagwat
John L. Bowles
David F. Richards
Andy G. Talbot
Richard T. Wagner

Wire Link Scholarship Program


Contact us

The Wire Association Int.

71 Bradley Road, Suite 9

Madison, CT 06443-2662

P: (203) 453-2777