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The Book of Terms

The Book of TermsThe WJI Book of Wire & Cable Terms: an interactive experience of learning and sharing
This book, written by industry volunteers and containing more than 5,000 entries, is an asset for newcomers to wire and cable.

At the same time, it also represents an opportunity for industry veterans to give back by either updating or adding to the more than 5,000 entries. This is an honor system process. Entries/updates must be non-commercial, and any deemed not to be so will be removed. Share your expertise as part of this legacy project to help those who will follow. Purchase a printed copy here.


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Designation for lead sheath.


Designation for: 1) Low Density. 2) The Linz-Donawitz process of steel making by top blowing with oxygen.


Designation for Lighting Arrestor.

Lacing and Harnessing

A method of grouping wires by securing them in bundles of designated patterns.

Lacing Cord or Twine

Used for lacing and tying cable forms, hook-up wires, cable ends, cable bundles, and wire harness assemblies. Available in various materials.

Lacing Tape

Flexible flat fabric tape for tying harness and wire bundles, securing of sleeves and other items, and general lacing and tying applications. Available in various materials.

Lacing Wire

Used in bedding and upholstery coil spring units, to lace the springs together and to fasten the outer springs to the border wire. Hard drawn high carbon wire, which must be of even temper.


A term used in cable manufacture to designate the liquid resin or compound applied to a fibrous braid to prevent fraying, wicking, moisture absorption, etc.

Lacquer Finish

A finish applied over braided wire on cable for appearance, for moisture proofing, to reduce friction and to resist abrasion.


A protective coating of com­pounded plastics dissolved in volatile sol­vents that typically are applied to textile tape or braids to give a smooth attractive appearance. The polymer and its plasticizers are retained by the cable after the solvent has evaporated. The lac­quers may also be used as a moisture barrier and to provide identification and flame resistance.

Lactic Acid

An aqueous solution of this hygroscopic (water-retaining) acid is an effective flux for use in the solder­ing of copper, brass and bronze.

Ladder Chain

A type of wire chain which looks like a ladder. This bent wire chain is used as a driving or roller chain.


A large vessel into which molten metal or molten slag is received and handled. Molten metal may be transported short distances by carrying it in a ladle.

Ladle Analysis

The chemical analysis of a heat or blow of metal that is reported to the purchaser. It is determined by analyzing specified elements from a test ingot sample from the first part or middle part of the heat or blow during the pouring of the metal from the ladle.

Ladle Refining

A process that further refines liquid steel after BOF or EAF melting. The liquid steel is tapped into the ladle, then transported to a refining station where the steel is reheated, alloy composition is trimmed, and the liquid is stirred and degassed. This type of refining is to enhance capability for closer control of chemistry, temperature and cleanliness.


A protective covering for a reel.


Designation for laminated (electrical wire).

Lamellar Pearlitic Anneal

Anneal process used to obtain desired lamellar pearlitic microstructure in steel by heating above the upper critical temperature and controlled cooling.

Laminated Cable

Uninsulated wires that are encapsulated by two sheets of laminate materials to maintain a predetermined center-to-center spacing. Insulated wires may be laminated using a single film of insulation.

Laminated Core

An assembly of steel sheets for use as an element of a magnetic circuit; the assembly has the property of reducing eddy-current losses.

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